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Martin Liew is a self-taught photographer based in Singapore who started out making photographs at night since 2004, embracing both film and digital photography as medium for his artistic expression. By trade, Martin works as a graphic designer for over 10 years.

In 2010, Martin took the third place in the first ever Night Photography Marathon Competition organized by Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF). In that same year, Martin was invited to talk and share his night photography at the Digital Night 2010 @ Singapore Art Museum. Martin has two photography blogs with one focuses on his night photography work and the other blog writing about his freelance job assignments, street photography and many more.

Currently Martin is working on his two main long-term projects, Dwell In The Night and NOCTURNES: The Art of Surrealistic Landscape, with which he hopes to publish each project into a book. Both projects focus on abandoned buildings, urban landscape and the aesthetic of the night scenery, using 2 different formats i.e. monochrome film and digital photography.

In mid-August 2016, Martin embarked on a new night photography project titled Not Quite Night, in which all photographs were taken with a Smartphone camera and RICOH GR II during the twilight period between 7:25Pm to 7:45PM. A digital eBook was released in mid January 2017. 

With passion in life and photography, Martin is able to capture and document life's spontaneity, those precious as well as ethereal moments into timeless picture stories and everlasting memories. Photography, to him, is not just about light or about techniques, no doubt they are important, but photography is about life, humanity, hopes, moods and emotions. Through his photography, Martin hopes to bring those special moments to a greater value in aesthetic and memento.



Lightology: i Light Marina Bay 2012 Photo Adventures

Art of Dark Craft - Digital Night 2010 @ Singapore Art Museum


3rd place in SIPF's Night Photography Marathon 2010