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In mid August 2016, I started out this new night street phonography series Not Quite Night, in which all photographs are taken with my iPhone 6 Plus during the nautical twilight period between 7:00PM to 7:30PM. Nautical twilight occurs during the time when the sun is 6-12 degrees below the horizon. A lot of the colour will have faded.

The main reason why I use a Smartphone camera is simply it's light and convenient. Nothing wrong to use a digital SLR camera for that tact sharp image quality and RAW image post-process but NQN is pretty much like an impromptu, guerrilla-style kind of night photography. Wherever I go during the twilight hour and when I spotted a scenery I would take out my phone camera and snap away. For a DSLR, its size is quite bulky and setting up can take up certain amount of time especially when a tripod is deployed. This definitely slow me down. During that time period of 30 minutes, I need to work fast, finding the best vantage spots and make as many different perspective shots as possible. Suffice it to say, a Smartphone camera is obviously the right choice as we carry it with us all the time, never leave home without it.

Well, there's an alternate option which is a mirrorless camera or a point-&-shoot camera. With the advanced digital technology these cameras are capable of producing tact sharp, good colors high quality images with fast shutter speed and low digital noise at super duper high ISO. Its compact size makes it convenient to carry wherever you go. Hence in early November 2017, I got my hands on a RICOH GR II and I find the camera suits my photography working style.

Back on NQN, there are some similarities in ambience lighting between dawn and dusk. Though NQN could cover two different timelines, I chose the latter for its environmental atmosphere which opens up a greater possibilities in the aspect of night photography.

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