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Zheng Zhan Lun (郑展伦) a.k.a. Ken Tay is an active figure in our local music, theatre and broadcasting scenes, Ken has released his own albums, singing some of the best Mandarin classics of our time (including such songs as My Love Will Fill Your Loneliness <我会用真心填满你的孤单>, and If You Happen To Be Thinking Of Me <如果你不小心想起我>, acted in plays such as the English and Mandarin versions of Private Parts <私处>, Army Daze <新兵小传>, I Have a Date with Spring <我和春天有个约会> and If There’re Seasons <天冷就回来>, the Beauty World <美世界> musical, local war-drama serial, The Price of Peace <和平的代价>, worked in local radio, been a judge in singing competitions such as Channel U’s Superstar talent contest, and performed a concert dedicated to xinyao (新谣).

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