This photo gallery is set up due to the fact that I do night & street photography, separately, in which I use a sturdy tripod for night / light-painting photography and the latter, obviously is hand-held taking candid shots of people on the street during day time. The idea of doing night street photography came naturally and I thought it would be good to combine these two genres and hopefully to have the best of both. Hence, wandering in the streets at night without a tripod certainly lightens a whole lot and time savvy on the set-up. Carrying either a DSLR camera or a film SLR camera loaded with high speed film of ISO 800 or 1600 or even higher 3200, taking night street photographs poses many challenges. One of them is low light conditions. With a selective of fast lenses, and technical knowledge, exposing for night streets requires good understanding and good observation of the surrounding lights, to create the same climax or atmosphere as I see it in my naked eyes and through the lens.

As night falls, most colors are flushed out and contrast level is high. In spite of this occurence, most local street lamps are sodium-vapor which cast a heavy warm yellow light and no amount of custom White Balance and post-process can color-correct this horrible color cast. Needless to say, the best option for night street photography is to capture the street scenes in monochrome. So here are night street scenes exposed as I see them.